Ghostechâ„¢; Hyperstealth's Deceptive Decoy Technology

A military can deceive the opposing force with full scale decoys where the simulated decoy moves as if it was real, will show up as a target to battlefield optical sensors and will reflect a laser target designator allowing the real personal and equipment to remain hidden or at least mixed in with the decoys diverting fire and focus away to provide higher survivability for the real counterparts. Hyperstealth's Ghostech comes across as both a target and with substance but it is in-fact neither.

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Lightweight Hunting Decoys

In the hunting market decoys of large Deer, Elk, Moose... are used to attract that species into the range of the hunter. This technology with modifications for the hunting market could be used to eliminate these large and combersome decoys and instead allow the hunter the ability to setup our lightweight system which they could carry in their backpack and after setting it up would produce an image of these animals at scale or video of those same animals grazing in the environment. We've branded this hunting decoy technology "HoloDecoy".

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Pictures, Logos, Signs, Videos can now be simulated in 3D

Holopix can turn any flat image, picture, video, logo, sign or banner and simulate a three dimentional effect without special printing. 

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